Scomadi, bikes with soul, handcrafted by people with a passion for style and performance.
A bike that stands out from the norm, built for riders who appreciate style.

Technica 125i Shadow Black

New release! Scomadi Technica 125i Shadow black. The authentic classic scooter from Scomadi, redesigned from the most popular model. Scomadi Technica with all matte black body for a modern stealth look. Experience “A New Modern Classic” with Scomadi Technica Shadow Black 125i now.

Technica 125i

The new Scomadi Technica 125i brings a new angle to the already popular classic design of the Turismo Technica models. Available in Panther Black, Old English White, Black Chrome, White Chrome, with side panels cut down to expose the heart of the scooter, giving it a raw appeal that stands out in the crowd. With the same level of attention to detail of handcrafting, with the highest standards of quality, the Technica 125i exceeds expectations and is a delightful ride.

Turismo Technica 125i

The Scomadi Turismo Technica 125i offers an unrivalled experience that perfectly combines classic styling with modern engineering. Taking style cues from the classic scooters of bygone eras, the Scomadi Turismo Technica 125i seamlessly merges retro design and contemporary technology into one


With the TT200i, Scomadi have kept the same iconic silhouette as the TT125i but reengineered and enhanced the components underneath of it. This furthers the unparalleled experience that is had when riding a Scomadi. With the bigger water cooled single-cylinder 181cc DOHC (double overhead cam) engine

Scomadi Special Series 200i

The new SSS200i is the embodiment of style and performance. It takes the classic Turismo Technica design and applies a stunning chrome finish to the primary panels with the cut down appearance of the immensely popular Scomadi Technica