The minimum down payment can be 0 %. And down payment can be customize by customer’s preference .
Customer can Customers can pay down higher than finance rate or contact nearest dealer to submit documents for finance review.
You can go to our website and click the tab “Find
Dealer” or contact
us via Facebook “Scomadi Thailand”
Our Scomadi can be used like other vehicle also with flexibility for both city riding and long-distance riding in a very classy and stylish way.
Initially, customer can go to the nearby dealer to
check for available products. As we have a lot of
order currently, we need approximately4-8 weeks to
proceed the delivery.
We have different promotion for each period,
customer can get information from dealer nearby or
visit our Facebook “Scomadi Thailand” to check out.
Documents for applying for a loan are as follows:
1.Pay slip or work certificate (1)
2.3 months previous statement
3.Copy of house registration (3)
4.Copy of ID (3)
Currently, we work with K-Bank, for 10months with 0% interest installment.
Yes, it can be used for long distance. However, if you
are intending to travel long distance, we would
recommend the TT200i model is more suited.
Customer can contact nearby dealer to request for test ride, check the dealer near you by visit :
Our Scomadi are manufactured and assembled in Chonburi,Thailand.
Benzine 95 or Gasohol 95
We have 2 types of engine capacity which are 125 CC and 200 CC
The front tire size is 110/70-12
The rear tire size is 120/70-12
The 125 CC engine top speed is about 90KM/H
The 200 CC engine top speed is 120 about KM/H
The fuel tank capacity is 11 liter and the maximum ride is 230 KM for the Technica 125i and TT125i. Maximum ride distance is 200 KM for the TT200i.
The first is 1000 KM, second is 3000KM, and every 3000 KM after.
You can contact any one of Scomadi’s dealers or service centres, and they will help you get it fixed.
Normally, the tires must be check weekly. The tire must be check for ready condition to ride every time before long distance riding.
Be careful when filling up the tank with oil. Because fuel can damage the bike paint, If the fuel overflows, please quickly wash Bywater and wipe and dry immediately. Also, keep the bike parked in shade at all times if possible, to increase the longevity of the paint.
Estimate cost for each engine oil change is 600 bath.
We have 3 years warranty or 30,000 KM warranty
For the issue that occur directly by the vehicle, customer can make a claim at service center or dealers nearby. But if the issue occurs from modifications involving electrical systems, engines, exhaust pipe, or shocks, then a claim cannot be made due to the invalidate of warranty by modifying issue.