Technica 125i

The new Scomadi Technica 125i brings a new angle to the already popular classic design of the Turismo Technica models. Available standard only in black, with side panels cut down to expose the heart of the scooter, giving it a raw appeal that stands out in the crowd. With the same level of attention to detail of handcrafting, with the highest standards of quality, the Technica 125i exceeds expectations and is a delightful ride.

The Technica 125i offers a combination of classic scooter, modern technology and subtle design features which make this product unique in its class, at a very affordable price. Since the platform of the Technica 125i is based on the Tursimo Technica 125i, it still houses an 11 Litre fuel tank, single cylinder air cooled 125 CC engine which churns out 7 kW power at 8000 revs/minute. It is most suited for day to day commuters with a taste for something beyond the noise of conventional motorbikes.

New Body, Classic Soul