Turismo Technica 125i

The Scomadi Turismo Technica 125i offers an unrivalled experience that perfectly combines classic styling with modern engineering. Taking style cues from the classic scooters of bygone eras, the Scomadi Turismo Technica 125i seamlessly merges retro design and contemporary technology into one. Being handcrafted means that the attention to detail and quality is meticulous, this ensures the longevity of each scooter, making sure it is reliable in the years to come.

Remaining ever faithful to the classic scooter image, the Turismo Technica 125i incorporates modern features such as adjustable hydraulic suspension, disc brakes and calipers. Offering riders the safety and performance that is expected from a modern scooter.

Steel bodywork stylishly houses the 11 litre fuel tank and air cooled single-cylinder 125cc SOHC (single overhead cam) engine. Boasting 7.0 kW @ 8000 rpm, this engine delivers enough power to satisfy all riders, whether you’re a commuter, leisure rider or enthusiast, like us.

A classic never goes out of style.