Where are Scomadi scooters made and assembled?

Manufactured and assembled in Thailand, with a manufacturing facility located in Chonburi Province.

Is it possible to drive long distances?

It is possible to drive for long distances, but periodic car breaks should be provided.
Each model has different features and driving distances for long-distance journeys.
And going on a trip. The most suitable model is the TT200i model.

The maximum speed of the car (Top speed)

Top speed in 125cc model is 90KM/H
Top speed in the 200cc model is 120KM/H.

What are the types of gears

Automatic transmission

Where can I try driving a car?

A test drive can be reached at dealerships near you.

What documents are required for the purchase of a car

Documents for applying for a loan are as follows:
1. 1 set of salary slip or work certificate
2. Bank statements for the past 3 months
3. 3 copies of the house registration
4. 3 copies of ID cards

Do you have no regular salary, are self-employed or have a Statement of less than 6 months, can I issue a car?

Customers can place a down payment above the rate set by the financier or they can contact the dealer to submit documents for financing consideration.

Scooter from Scomadi. Which fuel can be used?

If used infrequently, it is recommended to use 95 gasoline, but if used regularly, it is recommended to use Gasohol 95.

When should I check my period?

The first phase at 1,000 kilometers, the second stage 3,000 kilometers and then every 3,000 kilometers.

Tire tire inspection frequency

The tire should normally be checked once a week, and the tire should be checked every time before a long trip.

How much does it cost to check the car and change the oil?

Estimated cost is 600 Baht/time

How long is the insurance period?

30,000 Kilometer/3 Years

If the car is in trouble, what can be done?

Customers can contact the dealer or repair center to coordinate the repair. Or call 081-888-6066081-888-6066

Is there a cost to repair the car?

In case of 3 years/30,000 kilometers warranty period, there will be no charge when making a car claim.

In the event of a car crash while driving, is it possible to call for emergency assistance?

You can call 02-305-8554 to contact the Roadside Assistance hotline 24 hours a day.


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